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Welcome to the City of Sarnia population 73,000 people. Located on the south shore of Lake Huron, just across the St. Clair River from Eastern Michigan, Sarnia is a medium size city offering residents small town friendliness and ease of transportation with big city amenities.

As a safe and friendly border city Sarnia offers many recreational programs such as amateur and professional sporting events, major entertainment, live theatre, protected marinas, boat cruises, cultural events, the recently rebranded "Starlight Casino" (in Point Edward just south of the "Blue Water Bridge"), fishing, sports tournaments, skating, winter carnivals, the Celebration of Lights, etc. Did you know that Lake Huron has 23,007 square miles of surface area? It also has an average depth of 195 feet and a maximum depth of 750 feet.

Over one hundred well maintained parks, beautiful waterfront parkland, fifteen miles of all purpose trails, miles of sandy lakefront beaches, award winning floral displays, modern motels, fine restaurants and temperate climate. Sarnia gets on average only 12.3 inches of snow while Windsor gets 39.8 inches are London gets 76.5 inches. The safe environment and friendly people all add up to make Sarnia a wonderful place to live.

When it comes to golf, Sarnia and area is the Myrtle Beach of the north. Within an easy drive, you will discover dozens of the finest public golf courses in both countries, all reasonably priced.

A great place to visit, an even better place to live, so for more information about services, facilities, upcoming festivals and information on any City Department, click on our "events" tab to see what the area has to offer!

* This is a condo website, so the question now is are there plenty of condos in Sarnia, Bright's Grove and Corunna to pick from? The trend in building has now shifted in part to the construction of luxury one floor semis like the ones found on Nicolas Street and Ferinando Crescent. That lets builders build on a "as needed" basis. We know that adding one floor new and newly built one floor luxury semis to a condo website kind of bends the definition of what condo living is all about. On the other hand, it helps to make this website a more comprehensive buyer's guide. That is a good thing!

In 2023 two new condo projects have come to the market. One is a project in an area known as Magnolia Trails off of Modeland Road, north of the 402 at 100 Anise Lane and one is at 435 Queen Street in Corunna, just south of Sarnia. Both start at somewhere over the $500,000 mark.

Are GTA people moving now to Sarnia? Well, the distance factor is a bit of a consideration. For many area residents that's a good thing. The ice cream shops under the Blue Water Bridge are already busy enough in the summertime.

Is Sarnia growing Nova Chemical in 2023 has opened a new polyethylene plant that had a five-year built out process and cost somewhere around three billion dollars to construct. Yet some might argue that while this new facility has created high paying construction jobs over the past few years, they have not created long term jobs. Why? Well new facilities like this one can operate with very few employees.

Yes, growth in Sarnia is happening. It’s just that growth in the petrochemical industry does not get as much attention as growth in other more labor-intensive industries.

Come explore what Sarnia has to offer.

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