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1) 166 Beckwith Street 2) 200 St. Clair Boulevard 3) 1590 St. Clair Parkway 4) 350-372 Paget Street 5) 348 Cameron Street 6) Nash Court/Paget Street

Corunna, Mooretown, Courtright/St. Clair Township

The landscape is a little bit different just south of “Sarnia”. Different in an unexpectedly nice sort of way. While this area does not have much in the way of sandy beaches or luxury marinas, it does have many other wonderful nice times to enjoy.

This area has spectator river views, river breezes which can sometimes be surprising and a wonderful feel of open space and low density living. Found here are warm and humid summers (but once again there are breezes) and the area received only 38 inches of snowfall on average in the winter.

There are three communities south of Sarnia. “Corunna” is sixteen minutes or 14.2 km south of Sarnia; “Mooretown” is twenty-six minutes or 20.7 km south of Sarnia and “Courtright” is twenty-nine minutes or 24.6 km south of Sarnia.

Just offshore from “Corunna” in the “Detroit River” is the Canadian owned “Stag Island. Here you can discover cottage living at its best. Let the pictures do the talking. Click onto our 166 Beckwith Street link and visit a picture show which captures the essence of cottage living on the easterly and north-easterly portions of “Stag Island” and further views across the border.

All of the residents living in St. Clair Township enjoy having the nearby ferry service to the U.S.A. at “Sombra”.

One final note. “Nova Chemicals” has recently announced the building of a new world scale Polyethylene Plant in St. Clair Township. Residents living in this area are constantly reminded off of the presence of nearby petro chemical refinement activities. Air quality levels in this area have improved in recent times thanks, in part, to the permanent shutdown of the Lambton Generating Station which was a coal-fuelled power plant located on the St. Clair River near Corunna. It had an operating history of over forty years.

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